Travel- 3 Days in NYC

January 18, 2019

I think I left a piece of me in NYC.

I’ve always wanted to go to NYC around Christmas time and I recently did just that! It was a whirlwind of a trip, but my friend Sarah and I made the absolute most of spending 3 days in NYC. We even celebrated New Year’s Eve there! It was an absolute blast, that’s why I want to share our experience with you!

Day 1: December 30th, 2018

After a very hectic morning (I ended up forgetting my passport at my place and had to rush back to grab it, but I managed to make my plane with 5 minutes to spare), we landed in Newark around noon. Our Airbnb was located in Brooklyn (Bushwick area) and we were eager to drop off our bags and explore the area!

This is the outside of the Airbnb- nothing fancy (it was a shared space) but it was fairly cheap and did the job.

After putting away our bags we were STARVING so searched out a yummy Vietnamese restaurant called Little Mo. I highly recommend this place- it’s inexpensive, the food is absolutely delicious, and the outside is very “instagrammable”. I had the chicken banh mi sandwich and Sarah had the classic beef pho with an added side of bone marrow.

After having full bellies, we wanted to see the Manhattan bridge and ended up spotting a carousel encased in a glass structure near the water. It was the most magical thing and I was deliriously happy. Seeing the New York skyline at night and walking across the Brooklyn bridge into Manhattan was probably one of my favourite things we did that day.

We then walked A LOT in Manhattan to get to our next destination- Chelsea Market. This place has a lot of delicious food and sells other cool things like flowers. We ended up taking a break here and eating gelato.

Sarah stopping to smell the roses…literally.

Since we were close by we decided to end the day by seeing the Rockefeller tree– lit up and so stunning in real life!

Day 2: December 31st (New Year’s Eve)

We started this day just exploring Brooklyn and taking in the scenery (a.k.a the graffiti).

Even the buildings in Brooklyn are so interesting and historic!

We ventured back into Manhattan and because it was New Year’s Eve all the restaurants were preparing with gold and white balloons, I thought that was so cute!

We somehow ended up in Chinatown and decided to stop at this cute restaurant and grab some bubble tea-YUM! Plus it had the cutest saying on the wall- Tea, yes, You, maybe.

Before meeting up with some fellow Montreal gals who were also in NYC at the time, Sarah and I stopped by Grand Central Station– it’s truly magical there.

Ok, ok so you’re probably wondering what I did for NYE? Well we definitely did not stand outside for 8 hours just to watch the ball drop (oh and that night it was pouring rain)- no thank you. We ended up going to this place called the Sky Room- rooftop bar where we had bottomless drinks all night. It was an absolute blast! What a way to ring in 2019!

Day 3: January 1st

We started off this day a bit slower than usual. We were eager though to find a good brunch spot and that we did! I highly recommend this hip, curated restaurant- Sunday in Brooklyn. Food and drinks are fantastic and gave us the energy to take on our last day in NYC.

After refuelling, we wandered through Brooklyn- went vintage shopping and bought authentic art from an artist.

We were on a mission when we went back over the bridge into Manhattan- to spot Carrie from Sex and The City’s stoop and the Friend’s apartment (not pictured). I mean these apartments with the stairs are the epitome of NYC. I could picture myself living here one day…

Next stop was the beautiful and spacious Central Park. We walked around for about an hour.

Before the broadway show, we took a detour over to Time’s Square. It was insanely packed (obviously)- but really cool to see all the people and lights.

We made it to the Broadway show- Book of Mormon just in time! The theatre was intimate and the show was hilarious!

But our night didn’t end there! We grabbed pizza and then went to Serendipity’s– where we had their famous Frozen Hot Chocolate. What a great way to end our evening and our trip!

A little video montage of our trip!