Fashion- Frolic with Friends- Winter Outerwear

December 29, 2017

Friendship improves happiness, and abates misery, by doubling our joys, and dividing our grief. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

It’s during the hardest moments in life that you know who your true friends are, and I definitely know that  these two ladies (Kim and Allie) are my ride or die! We met a couple of years ago, back in our 4th year of university in psychology. What brought us together was being in the same research lab and bonding during an extremely stressful time (I always say if I could get through that year, I could get through anything in life).

We would study together, proofread each other papers, and practice presentations- but most importantly we were there lifting each other up, supporting and encouraging one another, and making each other laugh so hard we would crying. Even though we have all taken different paths since graduating, we are still so close. I hope to continue having fun adventures and making awesome memories with these two for years to come!

We created a great memory this day- being silly, being surrounded by the beautiful outdoors (captures the essence of  Northwestern Ontario), and had an awesome photographer- Sarah McPherson (she shot the photos for this post- ). We ended our day having pizza at our favourite spot- the Nook.

About the fashion

Winter is my favourite time to showcase outerwear and add fun accessories to tie together the whole look. The theme for this shoot was comfy yet stylish outerwear with matching accessories.  These three  looks (except for the boots and some accessories) were provided by the Loop- a hip, fun boutique in downtown Thunder Bay. A warm grey winter jacket was paired with neutral boots, and fun accessories. When trying to decide on accessories for your outerwear, my rule is to have the accessories match each other (if they’re not neutral) and something that goes well with the colour of your jacket.

We were definitely walking in a winter wonderland!

Location: Tree Farm, Thunder Bay.


Where to find the items pictured:

Jackets: Three Stones, find here:


Black, teal & ivory mittens: Delux hats, find here:

Heart mittens (different colour): Angele Mitts, find here:

Black beanie (different colour): Delux hats, find here:

Similar black beanie, find here:

Ivory toque: Delux hats, find similar here:

Grey toque: Northies, find here:

Scarves, find similar here:

Boots- Sorel, find here:


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