DIY-Thanksgiving Table Setting- Hosting Tips

September 29, 2017

The warm glow of the fire, smell of apple pie, laughter of loved ones, and feeling like you have a food baby and might explode- are all synonymous with thanksgiving dinner.

Thanksgiving though is truly a time for being thankful for what matters most- friends and family (and a really great wardrobe). What better way to show your appreciation for those wonderful people in your life than to host a fabulous dinner?

Since thanksgiving is just around the corner (and I’m not much of a cook), I wanted to do something a little different by showing you how to create a warm, rustic and elegant table setting.

With the help of my friend Amanda (thanks to her for all the beautiful dinnerware), we created a warm & enchanting thanksgiving table setting. We incorporated texture, fall colours, used copper as an accent piece, and created a warm ambiance with the use of candles and string lights.  If this is your first time hosting- don’t sweat it (the only thing that should be sweating is the turkey), have fun and add your own personal touch.

Let’s start with the basics.

Table setting guide:

  • Always place the fork(s) on the left, knife and spoon(s) on the right
  • Provide both water and wine glasses (the way to tell- water glasses are smaller)
  • Napkins should be placed on top of the dinner plate
  • A charming touch for your guests is to add name cards

Styling Tips:

  • It’s all about layering- start with your table runner. We chose one that is neutral (off-white) with a gold pattern. Gold is festive and fun- perfect for any holiday.
  • Add some texture, for this we used whicker plate holders and wooden napkin holders.
  • Match your plates to your napkins. Again, we kept these neutral so that everything tied in nicely together. An added bonus- white plates always make food “pop” (perfect for guests to snap chat their delicious meal).
  • To create that warm, elegant feel, we used copper as an accent piece. Copper is also the epitome colour for fall when it comes to decor/design.
  • To add a rustic feel, we used pinecones as name card holders.


A table setting is only ever complete with a beautiful centrepiece!


  • We wanted a centrepiece that would last, is easy to create, and affordable. We started off with a fall wreath wrapped around a copper, glass jar. Inside, we added two sets of string lights to create a warm ambiance.
  • Two copper candle holders were also used as accent pieces.


  • In keeping with the fall theme, we added tiny pumpkins to the table decor. How cute are these?!


  • Larger (plastic) pumpkins were added (these were painted). They tie in nicely with the rest of the colours.


Tips for hosting a dinner party:

  • Go with what you know (when it comes to cooking). Make dishes that you’ve whipped up a couple of times (now is not the time to test out something new on your guests).
  • Prep as much as you can ahead of time- no one wants to be slaving away in the kitchen all night instead of enjoying the company of their guests.
  • Set the table the night before, it’s an easy thing to check off your list ahead of time.
  • Don’t stress too much- set the tone for the evening and have fun!

Dinner guests:

My parents instilled the importance of bringing a gift whenever you’re invited to a dinner party. Wine is always a great idea, but sometimes it’s nice to bring something unique. I’ve rounded up a list of chic gifts to bring for the hostess to show your appreciation (and to help your chances of getting invited back next year).

Gift ideas for the hostess: